How to play Aviator Mostbet in Bangladesh?

Aviator Mostbet bd is a game developed by Spribe with an attractive interface and fairly simple gameplay. It consists of an infinite number of rounds, constantly replacing each other. Each round is a separate game.

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At the beginning of the round, the aircraft starts its movement from the starting point, which corresponds to a coefficient of 1.0. As the aircraft flies, the coefficient increases. Moreover, this happens exponentially – the further the plane flew, the higher the rate of growth of the coefficient. To win, the user must cash out the bet before the aircraft leaves the playing field.

The aircraft can both cover huge distances and break through large coefficients (50.0 and more), and end its flight instantly (even with a value of 1.01).

Basic Rules of the Aviator

Although this Mostbet game is quite simple and straightforward, we still recommend that you study the basic rules in detail before starting:

  • The game is available in two modes – demo and real money;
  • There are a few seconds between rounds to place bets. If the plane has already taken off, you can only bet on the next round;
  • The round is considered winning if you have pressed the “Cash out” button before the plane left the playing field;
  • If the aircraft flew away, and you did not have time to click “Cash out” – your bet lost;
  • The amount of winnings is equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by the coefficient that is valid at the time of pressing the “Cash out” button;
  • For one round it is possible to make two bets of different or the same size at once. In this case, it is necessary to cash out each separately;
  • The “Auto Bet” feature will allow you to take part in each round with a bet of the specified size;
  • The Auto Cash Out feature will automatically stop the round and cash out the bet when the specified odds are reached.

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Before the start of each round, the random number generator generates a combination that predetermines the flight distance. If you wish, you can use the honesty check algorithm. Codes are available for five rounds in advance, but they can be deciphered only after the end of each.

How to play Aviator on Mostbet

To start playing in Mostbet Aviator, follow the instructions:

  1. Log in to the system.
  2. Check your balance and, if necessary, make a deposit.
  3. Select “Aviator” from the main menu or find this Mostbet online game through the search in the “Casino” section.
  4. Specify the bet amount and click “Place”.
  5. Watch the flight of the aircraft and when it reaches the desired coefficient, click “Cash out”.
  6. To activate the “Auto Bet” or “Auto Cash Out” functions, move the corresponding sliders to the desired position. In the first case, you will need to specify the amount of the bet, and in the second case, the coefficient at which the bets should be calculated.

Aviator Mostbet

If you want to make two bets, just enter the desired amount and click “Bet” in the two parallel fields. But remember that in this case, you need to cash out each of them separately.
Note that the game in demo mode is available even to users who have not been authorized. A field with statistics is available separately, allowing you to track the results of recent flights.

Pros and cons of the game Aviator

Game advantages:

  • Bright and attractive interface;
  • Round the clock availability;
  • Clear, but interesting gameplay;
  • Fast rounds;
  • Ability to make two bets at the same time;
  • Availability of additional functions;
  • Availability of demo mode;
  • Detailed statistics of completed rounds.

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Among the shortcomings it is worth noting:

  • The inability of the user to influence the overcoming of the distance by the aircraft;
  • Inability to bet on a round that has already started.

Function auto Mode

There are two additional features available in Aviator Mostbet Bangladesh – Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out. Both of them can be very useful, especially for advanced users. To enable them, you need to move to press the “Auto” button, and then activate and configure a separate option.

mostbet game

The “Auto Bet” feature ensures that the player participates in each round with a fixed bet. There is no need to manually confirm the bet. You can stop the Auto bet manually or when one of the following conditions is met:

  • Fixed number of rounds. Auto bet can be activated for 10, 20, 50 or 100 flights;
  • When the balance decreases by a predetermined amount;
  • When the balance is increased by a predetermined amount;
  • When winning in one round, the amount is greater than the specified value.

How to play Aviator Mostbet

Also, Auto Bet will be disabled if your balance does not have enough funds.

The “Auto Cash Out” function activates the mandatory calculation of the bet when the coefficient specified in advance is reached. It is worth noting that when using this option, the player still has the right to cash out the bet manually before the required odds.

Both mentioned functions can be activated at the same time.

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Best Strategies

Aviator works on the basis of a random number generator. Even its developer cannot calculate and determine the exact regularity of the functioning of the RNG. Thus, it can be stated with full confidence that there are no strategies that guarantee victory in a single round.

But still there are a number of recommendations that will allow you to be successful in the long run:

  • Before playing for real money, try out the demo mode. It will allow you to study in detail the mechanics of the gameplay;
  • Treat each individual round as a unit in itself. Do not pay attention to the results of previous flights and do not try to find statistical patterns (a random number generator simply cannot have them);
  • Calculate the amount of the bet in such a way that the loss of the round does not affect your total bank;
  • Use “Auto Bet” and “Auto Cash Out” functions;
  • Try to decide before the start of the round which odds you want to “catch”;
  • In case of local failure, do not think about winning back and do not change the global strategy;
  • Do not try to play the reaction. It is impossible to cash out the bet at the moment when the plane flies away.


How to play Aviator Mostbet for money?

To get started, log into your account and make sure you have enough funds to play. Then run the product in full mode. It remains only to specify the amount and confirm the bet.

Is there a demo mode in Aviator Mostbet?

Yes, a demo game mode is available for this product. Even unauthorized users can run it.

How to cancel a bet in Aviator Mostbet?

You can cancel a bet only before the start of a new round. To do this, simply click the “Cancel” button, which situationally replaces the “Bet” button.

How fast are bets settled?

As a rule, bets are checked almost instantly. In case of a win, the funds are credited to the account with a delay of one round.

What are the minimum and maximum odds in Mostbet Aviator?

The minimum coefficient is 1.01. The plane can take off even with this value. But with the maximum it is difficult to answer unambiguously, because there is no limit figure. For example, on the day of writing this material, the best result was 717.5.

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